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Wichita Weapons Charges Attorney

If you facing a felony weapons charge, you could end up spending the next five years—in a federal prison. Whenever you are charged with a crime that would result in significant jail time, consulting with an experienced weapon charge defense attorney can help you understand your rights. Do not attempt to talk your way out of a charge, you could end up giving the evidence they need to convict you.

As a criminal defense attorney we represent people on felony weapon charges in the Wichita, Kansas. We have the skills and experiences in the weapons charges field to assist you obtain a favorable outcome.

As a result of our extensive experience we know how to handle felony weapon charges, such as:

Any federal weapons charge is subject to a mandatory minimum sentence. If prosecutors can demonstrate that a weapon was used in a drug crime or was found in close proximity to a drug crime, you could receive a longer sentence without the possibility for a reduction.

The defense of a weapons charge often focuses on the issue of unlawful search and seizure being conducted. As your weapons charge defense lawyer, we will analyze whether the police officer did anything illegal in the stop, search, or seizure of the weapon. If there is an issue with the police search and seizure, we will work to get the weapon evidence suppressed.

We will attempt to find a defense to your drug crime charge. We never encourage our clients to plead guilty to a weapons charge. We aggressively defend your rights during your entire trial process.

If you are being charged with possession of an illegal concealed weapon in Wichita, Kansas give our experienced attorneys a call. We are determined to do anything legally possible in order to obtain favorable results to your weapons charge case in Wichita.