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Wichita Violent Crimes Lawyer

Our violent crimes attorneys’ primary job is not to judge our clients who face serious, high-level felony charges, but to assist then obtain favorable results. We are here to aid them throughout the process with experienced legal advice and tenacious and aggressive criminal defense.

We believe every person accused of a violent crime or serious offense deserves an attorney committed to diligently defending their rights and working to protect their freedom.

Our law firm represents individuals charged with violent crimes, including:

Our Criminal Attorney Has Extensive Experience

In addition to the most serious felony charges, we have effectively represented those charged with domestic violence, illegal possession of firearms, assault, and battery in Wichita.

We have successfully represented clients in a large number of cases involving violent crimes. We do not hesitate to use every legal tool in the defense of our clients, including assertive motions to suppress evidence and motions to dismiss.

A violent crime charge places a lot of stress on the person accused and the person's family. Our legal team will stand by your side all the way by providing an energetic defense and compassionate understanding. When your freedom and future are at stake, you can depend on our violent crimes defense attorneys to aggressively represent you in the courts of Wichita, Kansas. Give us a call we can review your situation and discuss potentially successful defense strategies.