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Ensuring that a traffic violation is kept off your record should be done before you pay your ticket. In Wichita, Kansas, after you have paid the ticket, it is taken as a conviction on your driving record.  As convictions for such violations are reported to the state, your insurance company, and possible employers, will have access to the record.  Common examples of traffic violations in Wichita are:

Convictions of traffic violations may come with negative consequences, including

 If you have been charged with a traffic violation, contact a traffic violation lawyer immediately, so that you can be informed of your rights and obtain qualified legal representation.

Often a traffic violation conviction in Wichita may be more serious than one thinks.  The traffic laws in the state of Kansas state that if you have committed three misdemeanors, traffic or speeding violations, your license can be revoked for six months.  The penalties may even become more severe if you were driving under the influence. 

The aftermath of such violations can prove to be very difficult for one to endure, especially as their employment, and driving privileges will be affected.  Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer who can protect your rights is your best chance at avoiding severe consequences.  Our legal team is experienced criminal defense attorneys who have provided legal representation to our clients in similar situations to yours.  Call us to discuss your traffic violation case in Wichita today; we may be able to increase the chances your charges being lessened.