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Robbery Attorney in Wichita, Kansas

Robbery – is identified as the act of depriving someone of their personal property while in their presence by the use of force or fear.

The property can either be taken from the person or from their immediate surroundings. If a weapon is used or the victim suffers physical harm, the act can be classified as “armed” or “aggravated” robbery. The severity of the punishments can be increased. The essentials of theft include trespassing, taking, removing, and the fact that it is someone else’s property, with the intention to steal. If all of these factors are present, theft as defined by the law does not occur.

Various consequences recognized to theft crimes in Wichita depend on the type and the value of the stolen property, but can include:

It is likely that any of these consequences will be applied. Petty theft or grand theft, the difference is that you can face greater or lesser punishment. Grand theft includes, but is not limited to:

The theft of items that have less value, usually under $400, can be classified as petty theft. Grand theft is normally punishable by imprisonment in a state prison. Petty theft is commonly punishable by imprisonment in a county jail.

Such punishments can increase or decrease based on additional factors of the robbery crime committed in Wichita. A person’s past criminal record may increase the severity of the punishments from such crimes. Additional factors can include the attitude of the community and the courts view towards the type of crime, the degree of media attention to the robbery case, and other circumstances.

If you or a loved one has been accused or arrested on a robbery charge give our experienced and skillful robbery defense lawyers a call. We can assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome to your case in Wichita, Kansas.