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Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney in Wichita

What a person does as a juvenile can haunt them when they are older. Minor teenage pranks can result in a conviction that can negatively affect your child's ability to get a job, get college grants and lead a productive life.

More serious charges such as sexual assault can result in juvenile detention and branding as a sex offender for life.

If you child has been arrested, you need an attorney with the experience and knowledge in juvenile crimes in Wichita, at your side one you can trust and who is respected by the opposing side.

Protect Your Child's Right to a Bright Future

We have earned a reputation as a skilled attorney by being a tough and tenacious legal advocate for our clients. We are on the side of the people like you and your child.

The sooner we begin working on your defense, the better our chances are to obtain a positive outcome. The juvenile justice system involves many processes along the way to the closing of a case's file. Each step presents an opportunity to press your child's case.

Develop a Strategy in an Effort to Secure a Favorable Outcome

First, we begin by seeking to have the charges dismissed. If this is not possible, then we ask questions such as:

Give our experienced Juvenile crime defense attorney we can discuss your situation and present a strong defense against any juvenile crime charge in Wichita. Don’t leave your child’s future at the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. We can assist you in obtaining favorable results to your case.