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Oftentimes, people are quick to condemn someone accused of a crime such as embezzlement. Although, it is not a pretty word, it does not always mean the person behind it is evil, they simply made a mistake. Often, in cases involving white collar crimes and embezzlement, many are affected - from business owners to employees.

It is easy to lump individuals under the single category of corruption, privilege and greed. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a "simple case of embezzlement." In most cases, the story runs much deeper.

Good people make foolish mistakes, especially when their bills are piling up and there is not enough money to pay their bills and survive. When a good person makes an error, we are here to help minimize the penalties they may face. Although in certain situations, if you have support from family members who can assist you financially, you can make restitution to the other party prior to sentencing. This may be able to drop your sentence to just probation or even prevent charges from being filed altogether.

You may have meant to simply borrow the money, but lost control of the situation. You may have felt that bribery was the only way around some tough circumstances.

Our Criminal Attorney Handles All Types of Cases

We represent people who have been charged with white collar crimes, including:

White collar crimes and embezzlement can easily end up in Federal Court. Should this happen, you will need an experienced embezzlement defense attorney on your side. We have obtained the skills and experience to help represent good people who have made mistakes and lost their way.

f you are being charged with a white collar crime, Contact our experienced and highly skilled embezzlement defense attorneys in Wichita, Kansas. Your reputation, your career, your family, your freedom and your future are on the line.