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Often, people accused of a DUI typically accept the consequences in hopes of a quick resolution to the case. However, a first offense results in automatic suspension of driving privileges, fines, potential jail time and a criminal record. If charged with a repeat offense, you face higher fines, mandatory jail time and loss of your driver’s license. A third-time DUI is classified as a felony.

Kansas is one of the most unforgiving states in the nation when it comes to a DUI charge. Our experienced attorneys review all DUI sentencing guidelines and policy in attempts to obtain favorable outcomes. We know how to use this knowledge to assist our client’s chances of obtaining minimal sentences and fines.

The state pursues DUIs on two fronts:

Our Criminal Lawyer Can Help Save Your License

The loss of your license may cause even bigger problems than the DUI conviction. Most people are unaware of the administrative procedures that lead to the suspension of your driving privileges as the result of a failed breathalyzer test or refusal. We specialize in making sure appropriate procedures were followed by the police during a field sobriety test. This is a critical part in case because if the police made a mistake, we can typically save your license. We are skilled and knowledgable to present a compelling reasonable argument to keep your drivers' license, including your work and family needs, as well as everything related to your arrest:

If you are being charged with committing a DUI, give our experienced Wichita DUI defense lawyers. We have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to aggressively represent you throughout the entire process.