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Wichita Drug Crime Lawyer

There is no such thing as a minor drug crime conviction. Even if you do not go to jail, any drug crime conviction results in a permanent criminal record which will follow you for the rest of your life. Having such a conviction on your record could prevent you from obtaining student loans or finding a good job.

As a Wichita, Kansas drug crime defense attorney we have years of defense experience to offer or clients. We represent people charged with drug crimes in Wichita.

Having an experienced and skilled drug crime defense lawyer will better your chances of obtaining favorable results. We have experience handling cases such as:

As a result of our experience as defense attorneys handling complex drug cases, we know how municipal, state and federal governments handle drug crime cases. We also know how to prepare your drug charge defense case.

Our Criminal Attorney Seeks All Potential Defenses To Your Case

The defense in drug crime cases often has to do with the issue of unlawful search and seizure. As your drug crime defense lawyer, we will analyze whether the police officer did anything illegal during the stop, search or seizure of drug evidence being held against you. If there is an issue with the police search and seizure, we will work to get the drug evidence suppressed.

We will find if there is a defense to your drug charges. We never encourage our clients to plead guilty to drug charges or take a diversion offer if there is an opportunity for a dismissal or an acquittal.