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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Wichita

Kansas laws concerning assault, domestic battery, and protection from abuse orders are far reaching. Often people who have been charged in a domestic abuse or have no contact motions filed against them fail to understand the long-term consequences.

In domestic violence criminal cases a prosecutor may offer a deal which may appear like something a defendant should take advantage of. Although when the prosecutor is unable to contact complaining witnesses, the complaining witness is unwilling to cooperate, or there is a warrant for the complaining witness' arrest on other cases it is difficult for them to prosecute you. Prosecutors have no obligation to disclose this to defense attorneys or their clients, and prosecutors offer these "good deals" as a way for the prosecutor to get some punishment rather than a complete dismissal.

A complete investigation and a detailed discussion with the client and other witnesses prevent the client from taking these deals. Domestic violence may involve allegations involving the abuse of:

If convicted of domestic violence crimes, you may lose your right to vote, to own firearms, and to operate certain types of businesses. Each domestic violence conviction increases the penalties you will face.

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We assist individuals with allegations of domestic violence in courtrooms throughout Wichita, Kansas. The job of our defense attorney is to be a vigorous advocate on your behalf and to serve your interests.

Often, domestic violence or restraining motions are fraudulently filed by individuals in order to gain an upper hand in custody battles or other salacious reason. If a protection form abuse / stalking motion have been filed against you or you are facing penalties, it is necessary that you be advised of all your rights and options. Give our experienced domestic violence defense attorneys in Wichita a call; we can assist you in obtaining favorable results to your case.